Thrashin' the Ramp: Ramp Skateboarding in 1981

The year 1981 saw a significant evolution in skateboarding with the introduction of ramp skating. Vert ramps became the new playground for skaters, providing a vertical canvas for breathtaking tricks and maneuvers.

Ramp skateboarding in 1981 was all about pushing the limits. Skaters embraced the challenge of riding vertical surfaces, taking their skills to new heights—quite literally. The introduction of vert ramps opened the door to a new era of tricks, with skaters defying gravity in ways never seen before.

The ramps became a hub for creativity, and skaters developed a repertoire of aerial tricks that would become iconic in the years to come. The ramp scene fostered a sense of competition, pushing skaters to innovate and refine their skills continually.

Join us as we dive into the thrilling world of ramp skateboarding in 1981, exploring the tricks, the culture, and the pioneers who took skateboarding to new heights.

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