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City Slappy Project

All places where you can find skateboard slappy art and designs.  Keep... 

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  • How It's Made | Dallas | City Skate Project

    We take pride in hand crafting each of our skateboarding related shirts and decks.  Any local shirts and orders we take our time making sure you get a quality print and shirt each time. Our T-shirts are screen printed by our own (CSP Media's)  Mr. Liquidstyle himself, John Marruffo. And Friends: 

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    Hello Skateboarders!  Yes, we still skate but we love to hear from our skaters out there on the streets and parks:We read and respond to every customer inquiry. We really do want to hear from you!  Our customers mean the world to us, and we love hearing from you. #cityskateproject onFacebookorInstagram/ CSPSkater onTwitter.We get lonely when we don’t hear from you. Get in touch today! Just Sayin!.PHONE @214.267.9281

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    Online orders or CSP Media orders: EMAIL@

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