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City Slappy Project

City Slappy Project

All places where you can find skateboard slappy art and designs.  Keep... 

Paul Rodriguez shout out to City Skate Project!

Cody McEntire Shout Out to City Skate Project

Christian Hosoi for City Skate Project

Kevin Romar Shout Out to City Skate Project


  • How It's Made | Dallas | City Skate Project

    We take pride in hand crafting each of our skateboarding related shirts and decks.  Any local shirts and orders we take our time making sure you get a quality print and shirt each time. Our T-shirts are screen printed by our own (CSP Media's)  Mr. Liquidstyle himself, John Marruffo | Master of the Universe Mr. Jaye | Hostest with the Mostest Matt Janssen and more Friends.

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    Hello Skateboarders!  Yes, we still skate but we love to hear from our skaters out there on the streets and parks:We read and respond to every customer inquiry. We really do want to hear from you!  Our customers mean the world to us, and we love hearing from you. #cityskateproject onFacebookorInstagram/ tiktok AND CSPSkater onTwitter.We get lonely when we don’t hear from you. Get in touch today! Just Sayin!.PHONE @214.267.9281

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    Online orders or CSP Media orders: EMAIL@ orders@cityskateproject.com

    Direct email for John @ City Skate Project


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Shirts for above and below the coping

Below the Coping!

Skateboarding with City Skate Project. 

City Skate Project was created for the purpose of giving back to the Texas Skateboarding scene. 

City Skate Project is a local Skateboard Brand / Company set up to give back to the local community. From Bachman Lake (skate time) to Denton we skated everything, Ramps, Ditches (Whip and Dip), Backyard mini ramps, Steps, Rails, Shopping carts, milk crates, loading docks and curbs of course. 

Today we are a group of older dudes that still like to skateboard and push ourselves to progress, still, with slappys, one foots, no complys and all the fun stuff we love to do but who are in a position to bring more to the table for our local youth. 

Skateboarding is a passion and we still have it and still love it.  We have this online setup to keep promoting skateboarding and skateboarders throughout Texas but especially here in your Dallas area. 

We still host events, make shirts for other events and of course makeT-Shirtslocally for our CSP Store and hosted skateboard contest.

We still sponsor young kids for a contest and put them in a spotlight to further develop on the board and in character.  We love for our little shedders to move to the next level in life and in the skateboard business.

Graphics are designed by skaters including sketches, and whatnot from simple line art to our annual (12 years) art contest that could develop into a shirt or board. 

So! Keep up the stoke, keep pushing, keep grinding, and Grow Up and Skate!

We Provide the Skate wear, you provide the gnarr!

Purchasing from CSP really does give back to local community efforts for fundraising, awareness, inclusion, and so much more in the Skate scene.

Fully recyclable and reusable!

We save you money with simple packaging, less fluff, more you.

Yes! you can recycle polypropylene bags? Because polypropylene bags are woven using fabric fibers, they are typically made almost entirely of plastic, which meansthey are both fully recyclable and reusable.

City Skate Project T-shirt

Experience ultimate comfort and style with the City Skate Project t-shirt. Made with a blend of premium combed and ring-spun cotton, this shirt is soft, lightweight, and stretchy, making it perfect for all body types. With a variety of colors to choose from, including the unique Heather Prism, you'll be able to kickflip in style. This t-shirt is not only comfortable but also durable, thanks to its fabric weight of 4.2 oz (142 g/m2) and pre-shrunk fabric. The side-seamed construction and shoulder-to-shoulder taping also ensure a perfect fit and long-lasting wear. Upgrade your wardrobe with City Skate Project today!