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 We are a group of Local Skateboarders from the DFW area that grew up and skated the Dallas scene and now have a small skateboarding business.  It's mainly an online / local events / mobile shop for now.  We had the "idea" too early and not enough to keep a location going.  We still have our production and are always in search of a flow/shop rider , We would like to sponsor a few female teams or riders as well, to represent City Skate Project, re-est. 2009.

We have been selling skateboard T-Shirts in bulk for the last 10 years to local shops but now nationally. We also have an Amazon webstore should you like to use that platform. 

If you want some products in your local area, shoot us an email or have the store contact us and we can get the product in the store.

Get out and do something!